Tangent Business Park Tangent Business Park

Tangent, Oregon
Tangent Business Park
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The 100 acre business park was designed and masterplanned by Architectural Associates, who facilitated the change of zone, annexation and expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary to permit the project. Located on both sides of the Oregon Hwy 34 and just east of US Hwy 99East it has a projected buildout in excess of 1.5 million sf. Basic buildings are tiltup construction of 150,000sf with full utilities and fire sprinkler protection. The north and south campuses are joined by an underpass at Hwy 34 and contain parkways, service roads, a lake and park.
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Donald B. Driscoll
241East Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401
Wm. H. Neel
33263 Dillard Rd
Eugene, OR 97405

Marston Morgan
241 East Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

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